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Monday, January 13, 2014

Trying Not to Be Hating When it Comes to January

So here we are in the throes of the middle of the worst month of the year, at least in my completely biased opinion. Why hate January, a completely innocent month that harbors no ill will to me or anyone else for that matter? Easy. It's long, and even here on the coast where we get more than our share of sunshine, days can be yucky. I also usually have a cold, which I do at this very moment making me super grouchy.
Now you can see why January makes me less than my normal chipper self. In fact, the month makes me feel as wild wolves are circling my miserable body, biding their time until with one quick snap, I'm dinner--a grouchy, sick, bloated dinner. Still a meals a meal in wolf land or at least I guess it is. 

Keep circling boys, she's looking a lot like carrion to me.
I think I dislike January mainly because I start the year full of hope and renewed vigor and then I'm invariably struck down with a cold and I lose the wonderful momentum. It's not January's fault, but maybe it is, after all it's the month after Christmas and in the northern hemisphere it cold and dreary and long. Actually, the sun is shining and it's 60 degrees so as soon as I can get rid of this cold, I'll cheer up and write a more useful blog. 

For now, I think I'll sit in the sun and soak up its warmth and get happier. 

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