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Monday, June 2, 2014

Please Hold on a Little Bit Longer

Yesterday, I sent the final pages of my revised, and revised, and revised, YA novel The End of Normal to my editor. Pressing the send button felt nearly as wondrous as having babies—I’ve done both, so I’m qualified to make that comparison. The major difference between books and babies, I’ve discovered, is that babies only take 9 months to germinate while books (or at least mine) took a lot longer. I think the gestation period for The End of Normal was more in line with that of an elephant, which is 645 days. All I can say to those poor long-suffering, pregnant elephants is “Bless your poor pregnant heart.”  

Wow does that look uncomfortable.

Another way books are like babies, is that like having babies, original due dates are subject to change. Due to a variety of things beyond anyone’s control, The End of Normal will not be available until late July or August. Please check out my other website ( for updates. 

I know this is a lame blog, but I have another sexy short to revise and my editor is patiently standing by waiting so this is all the time I have. In fact, I sort of feel like a truant student. Anyway to keep you from shunning me forever as a loser-blogger, how about a little music. Or, even better, the wonderful Maya Angelou. 

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