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Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Little of This and That

As I was writing my monthly blog post for The Writer's Vine, I ran across a couple of things I thought I'd discuss today, just because, well, no reason really, so for once we all must be satisfied with the parental sounding Just Because

First, I want to talk about the above cartoon, which although I didn't use it in my post for TWV, I wanted to talk about it somewhere because it made me laugh, and when something makes me laugh I have this compulsion to share whether you want it or not. How many times have we, wait, what's that you're saying? Oh, you have never been a fool for love and think it's best if I take all the embarrassment of heart-based actions on my own less than magnificent shoulders? Fine, I'll pretend I'm the only one who was an idiot over some clueless guy that barely knew I existed. Or maybe he wasn't the clueless one after all. Maybe it was me. 

Speaking of shoulders, reminds me of the second topic and question for today,have shoulder pads for women made a come back? Oh please say it ain't so because for those of you too young to remember them, they are a nightmare. Remember this look 

You may be wondering what sparked this fear of the return of the shoulder pad so I'll tell you, or better yet show you. What you're about to see is a kind of strange and yet kind of cool performance of a really old woman and borderline creepy young guy dancing. It's a PG performance, but it's still a little off. However, the best part, or perhaps the most frightening part, is that one of the women introducing the octogenarian and her speedo-clad partner is wearing a real 1980's suit, shoulder pads included. I kid you not, these shoulder pads look lethal. Beware. Cold Play The Hardest Part

That's it for today because that's all I got. 

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