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Saturday, August 30, 2014

At Last

Celebrate with me because I have sent in and received back the final proof of my upcoming YA book, End of Normal, under the name S C Arscott. It will be available on October 6. All I can say is thank goodness and damn that was a lot of work. A lot of work for a book that I hope is a success, but in a world overrun with books, some good, some great, some terrible, you never know, do you? 

Mentally I was through with Normal about a year ago and for those of you long suffering followers of this blog know, it kept resurfacing like the Dr. Seuss book The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins. And just like poor Bartholomew, each revision request seemed (to me at least) more grandiose and crazier than the last. But, as with Bart (forgive me Bart for giving you an unasked for nickname, my fingers have trouble typing your whole name), the last revision request is finally completed and I am done. 

I now move on to a new project that I'm not going to talk about just now, I mean why ruin the surprise, right?

I apologize to those readers (of which now number in the triple digits - wowee) who read this blog with the expectation of a little humor (emphasis on little), but on this rainy beginning of the Labor Day weekend, my humor seems spent. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in the least grouchy. I let Vlad the cat (the grouchiest cat known to humankind, I mean come on Vlad, how bad can a spoiled cat's life be? Not bad, trust me, I feed him.) Maybe it's his name, Vladimir Putin, after all that is a tough moniker for any creature to carry, especially a tuxedo male feline.  How would you like to have to compare yourself to an often shirtless crazy Russian leader (I almost typed dictator - whoops) with a penchant for world domination. It's got to be tough. 
This is a facsimile of Vlad - Did you really think I'd have an actual pic of our cat? 

In order to keep you amused, I looked on YouTube for one of those cat videos people find so popular ( I don't, to me a cat is a cat is a cat), but didn't find one even vaguely amusing. The truth is I am not much of a cat person. Vlad was brought home by this guy I live with and he's the one that got Vlad hooked on getting canned food at 6:00p.m. Since most of the time I'm the only one home at 6, the feeding of canned food falls to me. Anyway, not finding a funny cat video, I give you something a lot more satisfying, the original version of Etta James' At Last. Enjoy. 

Sing it Etta

Also, My publisher, Champagne Books is holding a labor day sale, so take advantage of 50% off all ebooks, which make my novellas (usually a whopping $.99 a mere $.50), so if you've been holding out on ordering a fun, sexy, happy ending read, now's the time, so click my buttons (left, right, you name it I'm awash with buttons) and order away. 

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