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Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall is Finally Falling

Sorry about the cliched title, it's the best I can do. Why such a lame excuse? Simple, I want to get all my work done as quickly as possible so I can spend my afternoon outside enjoying the lovely day. Now I know only too well that those of you living in climes more prone to chilly winters scoff at what we call fall down here on the gulf coast.

Well, scoff away my frozen friends. You can spout off, "I love real seasons," until your breath freezes in the air around you, it still won't make me yearn to move to one of the frozen tundra areas of our world, i.e. the northeast. Yes, the truth is out, I love hot weather, always have.

This isn't one of the old age things mainly because I'm not that old.
True I'll never see, well, never you mind what age I'll never see again because it's none of you business.

All you need to know is that, I have always loved hot weather. The only problem with where I live is that the heat is ruined by body wilting humidity. I know, I know, it's humid where you live too, or so you say. The reality is that unless you live along the gulf coast, your humidity is mere child's play. Down here, it's more than muggy, it's wet mohair stifling.

Anyway, enough of humidity envy. What I love about living here is that soon it will be fall, meaning the humidity will drop to under 40% and it will feel like a little bit of heaven right here on earth. And the good thing is, that despite occasional forays into yuckiness, the weather will stay lovely. Not California lovely, but still, not bad. So while you're gearing up for blast after blast of freezing, warm yourself with the knowledge that, except for a few bad weeks, this is what I'll be seeing.

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