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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Oh, The Terrors of January

You know what I hate about January? No, not the weather, which swings from rainy and cold to warm and balmy where I live. And no, it's not the start of a new semester when I have to go up against an array of new faces with weak grammar skills and cellphone obsessions (although their poor writing is painful to grade, the way their eyes get that dead look as their fingers stroke their phones is what I dread. It's as scary as the Zombies in Night of the Living Dead).
No, what I hate most about January is the snippets of Christmas songs that refuse to leave my brain. In fact, right  now the words, "the weather outside is frightful," has been on my internal repeat for, oh, maybe three weeks. This holiday classic is interspersed with snippets of "What Child is This," with hints of "O Come O Come Emmanuel," and my all time favorite "Merry Christmas from the Family," by Robert Earl Keene. It's like a party gone wrong in my head.

The good news is music cheers me up the bad news is, I have a lousy voice even inside my brain so I'm forced to listen to screwed up words sung off key. Oh well, it could be worse although I'm not sure how. Anyway, as a treat I give you Robert Earl Keen's Christmas.

Sing it Robert Earl.

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