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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Before I start my post I too want to join Elizabeth Fountain in sharing  my sympathy for all of those wounded or killed at the community college in Oregon. As our world gets more and more violent, I, an historian by training and inclination and a strong believer in the cyclical nature of things, achieve a sliver of solace knowing that these difficult times will one day evolve into more peaceful ones. Just wish the waiting wasn't so damn hard. Now onto my post.

Last month I shared with you my plan for snaring an agent and have done exactly as I said I would: I researched and have queried five agents between three and four weeks ago. I've not heard back from any of them and plan to send them email reminders within the time frame they specified. I'll check their websites this week and find that out.

In the meantime, I've been revising a YA romance I wrote over a year ago and despite not noticing any sparks of brilliant writing as I'm revising, I can say that this is a solid YA mystery/romance. I've purchased the Guide to Literary Agents 2016 and have found quite a few agents interested in YA romance so as soon as my two writing critique groups agree that they like my first pages, I plan on querying for this book as well. I figure if one type of story doesn't peak interest in an agent, maybe another one will.

There are some solid sources for finding out about agents and their interests including:

Chuck Sambuchino’s Guide to Literary Agents Blog This is a good site and he usually lists one or two agents actively seeking clients. I'm new to this site and don't know how often she lists agents, still the ones she lists here are a good starting place.

Publishers Marketplace I have a membership that costs $25 a  month and can cancel it at any time. I use it to find out who's selling what. Once I get an agent, I'll most likely cancel.

Even though at times I feel that it's all so hopeless, I keep plugging away and hope you are too.


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